The initials of Kevin K. Kim and his younger brother Kenny K. Kim.
K.K.K. is the older brother of K.K.K. Ironically, neither are white.
by babaloulou November 13, 2003
The Kool Kids Klub

A group of kids who are super rad. Established in the early 4th grade, you're not cool until you join the kool kids klub.
Hey man I heard you joined the KKK, you're totally Kool now!
by The KKK Pres. June 19, 2006
Krispy Kream Klub
Ten year old Tommy Thompson is proud to be apart of the KKK!
by dough6 June 06, 2005
Karl's Kar Kare located on Alexandria Pike down the street from Newport, KY.
Do folks even notice this blatant kkk sign?
by Hazardous Material October 09, 2006
Web abbreviation for "OK".
"sorry was afk cos i was loling my pants" - "kkk"
by ulsen October 14, 2008
A german company that makes turbochargers of incredible quality, and even more incredible cost. Usually called 3K or K3 by companies that source turbochargers from them.
Many turbos, both stock and from other aftermarket companies are sourced from KKK.
by Anybody May 16, 2006
The Ku Klux Klan, a White civil rights group that protected the rights of Whites from rioting, rapist, then Republican niggers.
If it wasn't for the KKK the USA would be a shithole like Africa.
by C_H_I October 06, 2006

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