Population Control.
The KKK was a form of Population control. Like Hitler.
by Jiggly eatsT July 03, 2011
A group Im in, it's called the Ku Klux Klan, I hate niggers.
Join the KKK and your problems will be solved.
by war7x August 09, 2009
(the) Kyle Kool Klub

Only members of this distinct Klub know the inner workings and plans for the betterment of the world.
"Hey, Karl, are you a part of the KKK yet?"
"No Kristopher, isn't that a bunch of racist, baKward hiKs who hate others who are different?"
"No, it stands for the Kyle Kool Klub and I'm inviting you in now!"
"Sounds liKe fun! Kount me in!"
by K. Schulten November 02, 2008
A group of pointy hooded caucasian men in white robes that actually know how to take care of those lazy ass niggers.

Also used in some rappers songs such as Lil' Scrappy meaning Okay.
nigger: that kkk nigga is whack
kkk member:...you need to die...now

Lil' Scrappy: OKKK OH KAY!!!
by Bob Saget XD August 23, 2006
KKK= Kool Kats Klub. Duhh.
Black guy: where you from?
Other black guy: the kkk.
Black guy: for real? your black nigga!
Other black guy: Naaa. the kool kats klub nigga.
by Stacy Dilson April 08, 2009
Simply means Krier, Krier, Krier.
Person 1: Who you been doin' work with?
Person 2: Ummm, it's this new organization. You may not have heard them; the KKK.
by Diggers Hotline November 23, 2008
the kickass khristmas kountdown.
created to countdown for christmas in an ultra cool way :O
wow, according to the kkk its only 17 days till christmas :O
by master of puppets666 November 29, 2006

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