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Stupid people who are white and believe that their race is better than all the others. In the 60's they attacked and killed african americans in the south. They have such a Christian belief they forget about some of the basic rules, like the ten commandments ("Thou shalt not kill'). They can't probably sleep at night knowing that an african american is president of the USA. They like to wear "Dunce" hats at their rallys. Usually conservative. Found in the south. They fear, common sense, minorities, smart people, school, government, and intelligence. They're group caused on of the darkest moments in US history. Horrible spellers (klan is really spelled C-L-A-N). People relate the KKK to Adolf Hitler, who killed minorities, homosexuals, jews, and the disabled.
KKK stands for Klu Klux Klan, and no one knows what the hell is a Klu Klux.
by DIVERSITYMEETING! January 14, 2010
A bunch of white racists who look like ninja popes
the KKK is a secret (not really) society that find it faithful to burn crosses wtf?
by loppyiest February 01, 2010
Group of People who hate them stupid niggers. pretty much 90 percent of all the white people in the united states could be classified in this group. Everyone thinks that they are a group of just backwards rednecks but in all actuallity no one likes them smelly coons, so there is not a specific social group they are all in.
The KKK is here to stay!
by JMACP:) June 29, 2009
Pretty much the terrorists in Chritianity.
Do I really need an example. Huhh. Okay look:

They are both radical assholes that ruin their religion. There aren't that many of them but still, the media makes it look like so. White people hate terrorists. Black people hate kkk members.
by NigggaPleese February 24, 2010
a group of idiot rednecks who think they are superior. its too bad that everything they believe in contradicts it's on religion. guess they would hate me. i'm white. my wife is black. my kids are mixed. SUCK IT RACIST IGNORANT BITCHES
Me:Oh...uh...my son is uh mixed. White and black SO FUCK YOU BITCH
KKK member: in shock commits suicide
by REBEL22929292 April 26, 2011
3 strikes in baseball.
K is one strike.
KK is two strikes.
KKK is three strikes, etc.

When a high strikeout pitcher gets another strikeout, fans add another K to the wall.
by 123_fake_street October 07, 2008
Quite possibly the most mentally challenged individuals on the planet. They are a white supremisit extremist group who don't seem to understand the subtle differences between a demon from the 5th layer of Dante's hell and a perfectly fine gentleman/woman with a skin pigmentation. Also they are fantastic bakers.
John: I don't see how the KKK could beleive that!

Jill: They are so ignorant, but this brownie is deliscous!
by The Cockney Reaper January 15, 2011