Community that hate black or non-christian people. The name belogs to the acronym of the sound of the gun being charged: Ku Klux Klan.
They are racist and do not deserve respect or pity.
He doesn't want to talk to me because I'm black. His parents were members of the KKK, so it doesn't surprise me.
by Núria! October 24, 2006
A group of white children that wear sheets to secretly advertise their desire to become babies in mind and body. They had already achieved the status of limited intellect, and since their cocks are so small (this is why they hate other races), they commonly have homoerotic based group meetings to advertise their blatantly small wee-wee's.

1. Krispy Krackers (sucking each others small) Kocks

Oh Yeah, they also like referencing 88/14 which is the actual centimeter equation for their wee-wee size. 88/14 = 6.2857142857142857142857 not rounded up but down rather, due to their penis size decreasing over time.

Man those KKK are a bunch of moronic fags.

I heard the KKK are having their annual gay orgy down at Old Duke's place.
by RacistKiller May 02, 2007
Short for "Ku Klux Klan," a group of faggy, racist bastards that have nothing better to do than discriminate against other races, particularly African-Americans. They think that white people are the only people that should exist in the world, and they torture or even kill any African-Americans they can find. Therefore, they are fags. Usually seen in retarded white outfits with stupid cones on their heads.
If you ever run into a member of the KKK, quickly grab a weapon. This can be anything ranging from a board of wood, a baseball bat, a pick-axe, etc. etc. Beat KKK member with weapon. Repeat until bastard is dead and/or not alive.
by EBiLwookie617 March 02, 2008
Group of inbred, white trash, peckerwood mother fuckers who fail to realize that were it 1939-45, Hitler would more than likely send them to the camps as well.
Too bad we can't fulfill the dreams of the kkk to live in Nazi Germany...I'm pretty sure they'd have a fun time there were it possible...
by Suburban Badass September 29, 2007
a group of people that are racist to black people.
we should joing the kkk because we're such badasses.
by ms.rawr December 14, 2007
Shit fucking piss holes who thought it would be a good idea to burn a cross (their own religious symbol)to try and scare the shit outta my niggas of the past. In this day and age they are chicken shit to try that cause now we got niggas like 50, Dre, and all tha other soldiers like young buck game and all rappers who carry that heat.
*kkk guy a* Oy richard we gotta go lynch a nigger

*50 cent* Wanna feel there hollow points ya crackers?

Both dudes go screaming leaving a wet trail cause they pissed themselves
by PAki chan June 03, 2005
Kookamunga Kracka Killaz

Ice Cube quote from movie: Next Friday
White guy asks...."What team you play for?"
Cube replies "We da (KKK) Kookamunga Kracka Killaz"
by Bruce Da Truth August 15, 2006

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