the klu klux klan hates everyone. The KKK took my baby away
Teddy is in the KKK he hates
white boys
and everyone else
by i hate teddy May 26, 2005
Bunch of white motherfuckers who thought that anyone who wasn't like them was unholy.
A- hey luk at dat guy ov'r dhere I think he's catholic let's burn a cross on his lawn.

B- hey I frm Da kkk u must bow down to me cause I rule the lawn.
by carrie underwoode September 28, 2007
1. The KKK are as Dr.Dre said in "Fuck Tha Police"
a "Redneck, White bread, chicken shit, motha fucka"

2. People who bang their own cousins
Klansmen: Hey you're white join the KKK

Me: I might be white but i fuckin love black people you faggot ass cone head.

*continues on to shoot the bitch mother fuckin klansmen*
by The names tolga December 15, 2007
The KKK hate anyone who is Not a White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP). according to the KKK, these people are the true formed race, which everyone knows isnt true. KKK members hate other christian groups such as Catholics and Black Christians. They are the lowest group in society and try to prove themselves by being racist and acting like a bunch of wankers who have nothing better to do. When members die, it is said that they live the rest of their "eternal" life in hell, and do favours for the devil such as toss him off and give him anal sex
I am a WASP which means i must join the KKK therefore i am a wanker and the lowest person in society.
by Danny Bredders May 25, 2006
people that go around wearing semen suits, walked around in black neighborhoods. the blacks started to make fun of them and the kkk became depressed and soon later made a clan to make fun of the black people
black dude: oh snap its the kkk
kkk dude: haha look whos laughing now
by weebies October 15, 2007
Community that hate black or non-christian people. The name belogs to the acronym of the sound of the gun being charged: Ku Klux Klan.
They are racist and do not deserve respect or pity.
He doesn't want to talk to me because I'm black. His parents were members of the KKK, so it doesn't surprise me.
by Núria! October 24, 2006
A group of white children that wear sheets to secretly advertise their desire to become babies in mind and body. They had already achieved the status of limited intellect, and since their cocks are so small (this is why they hate other races), they commonly have homoerotic based group meetings to advertise their blatantly small wee-wee's.

1. Krispy Krackers (sucking each others small) Kocks

Oh Yeah, they also like referencing 88/14 which is the actual centimeter equation for their wee-wee size. 88/14 = 6.2857142857142857142857 not rounded up but down rather, due to their penis size decreasing over time.

Man those KKK are a bunch of moronic fags.

I heard the KKK are having their annual gay orgy down at Old Duke's place.
by RacistKiller May 02, 2007

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