A group of racist dumb ass hicks, that people flame but yet don't mind neo-nazis. Hmmm...
How can you hate the kkk and not neo-nazis?
by Adrian July 16, 2006
a bunch of idiot coneheads that harass and murder non-christians, other races than white, and everything in between. I hate them cuz they give my race a bad name.
Guy 1: I love the KKK.
by wite gy April 18, 2007
Abbreviation for "Ku Klux Klan," an organization assembled down south after the Civil War. Almost all of the members are rednecks who, when they aren't getting shit-faced drunk, hate on people different from them. They are half-retarded, (If not fully retarded) inarticulate assholes who cause unnecessary stress to society. They are mostly known for their message of white supremacy. They also dress in ridiculous uniforms that inculde tall, pointy hoods/masks. They gather for traditional jerk circles and chant incoherent, racist messages while downing bottles and bottles of whisky.
KKK member: WHITE POWER!!!

Man: Shut up, no one wants to hear your crap. We've got more important things to worry about.
by MGN February 21, 2009
A bucnch of muthafuckas who were scared shitless of niggas so they had to scare niggas shitless. Also retarted white bastered who enjoy transvestite masturbation :P
Me and my pakis splatered a kkk shitfuck's brain during a curb stopming
by Paki chan May 28, 2005
kkk ku klux klan a bunch of stupid rascist idiots
they think that they are the best because they are white not true. They should've seen sense and should have done to them what they did to black and other people they didn't like.

kkk member:join us we think we are the supreme race!
idiot man: ooh yay supremeness lets join!
sensible man: no way they are sheer evil rascist twats!
by tammii March 05, 2008

once a terrorist orginization now more of a Ill represented White cival and human rights advocate

the kkk are all pussies now they do stupid shit like adopt a highway and march in the street against gays getting married and stupid shit that does not effect the white race
by NLR718 July 16, 2006
The biggest group of douche bag, retards the world has ever seen. They "spread the word of God" by burning their religious symbol and killing people. Wasn't one of the ten commandments: "Thou shalt not kill"? Aren't members of the KKK disobeying the ten commandments and, therefore, earning themselves a spot in Hell? That's because they are hick dumbasses who hate blacks, Jews, gays, and basically anyone who is not white and christian. they probably hate handicapped people too. There should be an international movement to eradicate all the hick bastards in the KKK. I'm serious. If God is all he's cracked up to be he should make an exception the the ten commandments because the KKK really needs to be eradicated.
The KKK should be destroyed cause it sucks.
by Philip Smith June 11, 2005

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