Idiots who you are no better than if you use the word 'faggot.' It is beyond pathetic to see some of you rail against prejudice while making bigoted remarks. Homophobes are just as evil, ignorant, and backwards as KKK members. To all of the bigots out there: Kill yourself, PLEASE.
Person 1: Ah'm in the KKK.
Person 2: I'm a homophobe.
Person 3: DIE, both of you!
by ~Nightshade~ January 02, 2006
white retards in white capes.
screw those retarded kkk idiots.
by blahbeblah October 13, 2007
Stupid rednecks who hate people who are not white,mostly Jews,(supposedly not affiliated with Nazis basterds) and who are so dumb they burn their own cross to show the love for Chritianity. They also can't spell clan right. Its C-L-A-N you dumbass'.
Last night I saw a KKK fag and I beat the shit out of him and then pissed on him.
by Crunchatize me captain May 19, 2005
Once a powerful force of fear in the black community, now just a weak, powerless, form of comedy for all races.
Black Kids: Damn that movie was funny, especially when the KKK was rydin in those fords, but i still don't know why grandpa shit himself.
by mr. cheescake April 13, 2008
The cause of racism throughout history. They do many, many horrible rituals to show Christian faith (such as hanging blacks and burning crosses). They think they have all the answers and that the Holocaust didn't happen. They are cowards so they hide behind white pointy hats and giant white robes.
KKK: I'm going to go burn crosses so I can go to heaven.
RACIALLY TOLERANT PERSON: Go burn in hell! Why don't you do what God ACTUALLY said and be kind to ALL God's children?

KKK: Blacks, Jews, and Atheists all suck.
RTP: You cocksucker!
by A decent person June 22, 2005
a.k.a. the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. A secret southern-society active for several years after the Civil War. Aimed to suppess the new "freedom" of the blacks and other religions. Advocated white supremacy, anti-Catholicism, homophobia among many other things
Where long white robes and tall white hoods to represent the ghosts of Confederate Army. Usually burn the Christian cross as a sign of intimidation anda sign of faith. Mainly died out uring the Great Depression. Idiots that hated alomst everything.
-Let's join the KKK!
-Cause I'm a moron!!
by nick cal October 10, 2006
1.a string of racist white shits
KKK members perfer white choclate with vanilla
by mega millions March 22, 2007

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