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Racist scumbags, often confused with shit.
(stomach grumbling)I gotta go give birth to a kkk member,wheres the nearest outhouse?
by mnbvcxk July 26, 2007
81 249
the kkk are abunch of stupid white supremecist wankers that hate coloured people and that they are the master race they claim that god tells them to do it, its more likely that they are having phsycological problems from the mixture of weed they smoke and the bleach fumes from there costumes that belong up there stupid asses
kkk member " i need to get home to my fat white trash wife and seven kids that i beat sensless and eat me some roadkill"
by korrekt November 06, 2006
94 263
Klu Klux Klan: people with an undying hatred of blacks and other minorities, who they blame all there misfortunes on, such as loosing the civil war, loosing all their plantations, loosing slaves, etc. also associated with the Aryan Nation and other white supremacist groups. these people are pretty fucked up, and im gonna have to say that anyone who is racist is also pretty fucked up, comparable to Hitler, one of the most, if not the most, fucked up people to have ever lived.
If you give this definition a thumbs down, you are clearly a white person who is either in the KKK or Aryan Nation groups, because you dont like hearing about how your group is bad, and completely worthless, in any society, and if you formed your own country it would collapse because you'd have no-one else to fight except yourselves.
by Ziggy June 04, 2005
44 213
a.k.a. the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. A secret southern-society active for several years after the Civil War. Aimed to suppress the new "freedom" of the blacks and other religions. Advocated white supremacy, anti-Catholicism, homophobia among many other things
Where long white robes and tall white hoods to represent the ghosts of Confederate Army. Usually burn the Christian cross as a sign of intimidation and a sign of faith. Mainly died out during the Great Depression. Idiots that hated alomst everything.
-Let's join the KKK!
-Cause I'm a moron!!
by nick cal October 10, 2006
99 270
1:a hick slumber party, where you say your christian but burn crosses and people who are christian and anything else
2: a group who were founded on halloween and forgot to take off their masks
3:a group of rednecks from "wes ginia" who thought "coons" were black people and thought it was always "coon" season
1:hey deriik yu guin to der slumbar partee at earlss
2:trick er traeaet, wat is noot haloweeny?
3:we re tacing da kaids done tah da coon lace yuh wunta com?
by Sean Gugliuzza June 12, 2005
23 195
abbreviation for the Ku Klux Klan, a terrorist organization that is legal here in the USA. They intimidate, harass, beat up, abduct and kill people that they hate: blacks, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, Asiatic Orientals, non-white Caucasians, Native Americans, immigrants, labor union people, "liberals", people who are involved in interracial love and sex affairs (and marriages too), socialists, communists and other so-called "undesirables". They also commit acts of arson and bombings against against specific places like homes and houses of worship. If people in government are so devoted to fighting terrorism, then how about getting rid of DOMESTIC terrorism as well?
It's unbelievable that some lawmakers were defending the burning of crosses in people's yards as a legit exercise of free speech! It's intimidating people, so that makes it an act of terrorism. What more can be said? The KKK and similar groups are violent terrorist organizations. A bunch of douche bags is a bunch of douche bags. Period. If it swims like a duck, quacks like a duck...
by New World Man January 14, 2009
39 212
KKK- Ku Klux Klan. A white/Protestant supremacist group that went around on white-robed horses. The members white robes and pointed hats, never showing their faces, and had tokens to show that they belonged to their 'Brotherhood' of a certain region.

Contrary to popular belief, KKK members did not only lynch Black people, but they also sometimes lynched Catholics, Jewish people, and basically anyone who wasn't White or a Protestant. Not only did they lynch people, they were known to burn crosses in people's (who weren't White/Protestant) front yard.

(They were also huge cowards, because they never showed their faces. Your neighbor could have been in the KKK and planning on burning a cross in your front yard, and you wouldn't have known it was them)
C- "Hey, why was there a burning cross in my front yard this morning?"
Z (KKK Member)- "Uh... um... I don't know..."

A- "Why don't we show our faces?"
B- "Cuz we're KKK members, that's why. We're cowardly."

F- "Where's my son?"
-sees son hanging from tree-
F- "That damn KKK!"
by MoonlitMysteries January 13, 2009
27 200