The Ku Klux Klan, a White civil rights group that protected the rights of Whites from rioting, rapist, then Republican niggers.
If it wasn't for the KKK the USA would be a shithole like Africa.
by C_H_I October 06, 2006
the initials of a mechanic's garage in or near Newport, KY. Blatant
the kkk will fix your krummy kar. they're lokated just about a mile down the road.
by Hazardous Material October 10, 2006
stands for Kelly Klarkson Klan. extreme fans of the fantastic singer kelly clarkson. would do anything for her and adores her excellent music
person 1: OMG OMG OMG kelly clarkson da best AAAHHHH *passes out*
person2: *mutters* must be a KKK member..
by cheese weasel October 08, 2006
ignorant white supremacists who would probably appreciate the condescending usage of the words "faggot" or "gay" in these definitions, as they themselves stand against gay rights.
it's almost humorous to see the irony of the word "faggot" being used to describe bigotry. i guess people don't realize that close-mindedness goes beyond just racism. the kkk would probably laugh their asses off at you people.
by gypsy child March 28, 2006
Bunch of REDNECK JACKASSES that think blacks or anybody else that isn't white is under them or that they are more superior than others. They believe they are Christians. A disgrace to Christians. They'll fucking see when they die who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. Meaning those white fat bastards.
Those racist honkeys over there that are burning the cross are part of the KKK. Whole bunch of white retards.
by Joel F. P May 28, 2006
White guys dressed in white bedsheets who dance around flaming crosses and killing off black people because they believe that they are doing "gods work"
"The KKK took my baby away"
By The Ramones
by Fencing Dude July 08, 2006
Kkk- these racist fuckers. They think, keyword: think, that they are Christian, but where's the fucking Christian value in racism? What fucking ugly whores. For their information, the world will not end up with only one race. They burn crosses to show their so called holyness. ARGHH They piss me off.
A: Watch out, there's another piece of KKK.
B: OMG, I already stepped on it. Eww. How gross.
by FucckkTheKKK May 03, 2006

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