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a few years ago at the birth of messenger, myself and other older net veterans netvets, used it to mean 'cool cool' but as we were extremely hip and groovy we used 'k' instead of 'c', translating to kool kool, however it has since been incorrectly stated that it is a lazy way of typing ok.
me: I will father of your child in this bowl of gravy and cat vaginas

frightened child: kk
by DayDay8421 January 13, 2009
15 30
used to represent evil from an unknown stalker.
kk has the body of a scorpion with a human torso attached to it, and he can shoot fire
from his eyes. no one has ever defeated him... yet
guy1:dude kk is gonna kill us!
guy2:we have to get the 3 items of kk to defeat him
guy3:we have the siccors of kk, the stalker star, and speedo the cheeto.
guy1:what do we need now to defeat kk!?
guy3:we need the sheild of kk
guy2:we can use the element of shapes to kill him. that can represent the shield
guy3: dude i saw kk at universal.
guy1: did u fight him?, what did he say?
guy2: dude kk has the body of a scorpion with a human torso attached to it, and he can shoot fire from his eyes. and yes i threw the star at him and he ran away.
naraitor:as the mounth passed the last day of school came along and they got a email from kk saying that I WILL DEFEAT YOU ON THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!
the 1 of the guys wouldent be there on the last day of school so it was up to guy1 and guy3 to defeat him!
he never appeared on the last day of school and theyve been expecting him all summer.
to be continued
by jordan matson August 07, 2008
8 26
In Swedish "KnullKompis", meaning "sex buddy". Ie, a friend who you sleep with without getting romantically involved.
Vi är inte ihop, vi är bara kk. Translation: We're not together, we're just sex buddies.
by Detergent January 02, 2008
86 104
Annoying word used by people who love MSN
Used to stop conversation DEAD in its tracks.
Only normal people use this word.
Wierd people despise it. because wierd people know how to talk to each other

KK is used to SHUT U UP
Wierd-Dave: man hows the car
Normal-Norman: Fukt man
Wierd-Dave: Get it fixed mate?
Normal Norman: kk!
Wierd-Dave: WTF???
Normal Norman: LOL


Wierd-O: Hey how r u
Normal galxxx: k
Wierd-O: how r u
Normal galxxx: shuttup bitch i hate you wierd ass, r u goth?? lolz DIE
by Jamesthatscool November 07, 2005
11 40
to drive long distances alone at night. usually involves making surprise appearances at social gatherings.
depending on my schedule i may have to kk it to vermont, but i think i should be able to make an appearance.
by meglito November 26, 2007
1 31
On dutch gaming servers often an abbreviation of the word "kanker" which is dutch for "cancer".
Usually used to express anger.
After getting killed for the x-th time:
Player: kk
by Wouter Sonneveldt August 10, 2005
49 94
Quite possibly the stupidest MMORPG term ever. Instead of using M (mega) to denote million, people use kk (kilokilo). Use of this term is frequent in Lineage 2 and EVE Online.
KoKsUkR123: wtb karmian boots 3kk
by RTJHNtdg FDHerw November 17, 2006
25 75