The KJ was invented by rapper Kyle Johnson and it is when a male inserts his penis into a females vagina; then takes his hand and inserts in into the vagina. Once the hand is in the vagina he strokes his own dick resulting in the best form of masturbation ever.
Mike: Bro, I'm really getting tired of late nights by myself...do you have any suggestions how to make it exciting again like it was in 5th grade?

Kyle: Yeah man, for sure. Just do the KJ


Sarah: Hey baby, I'll let you do anything to me. What are you going to do?

R.Kelly: Bitch, I'm going to do the KJ to you big black ass.
by kylepen15 October 08, 2009
KJ is someone who will treat his girl right. He is very faithful and is a committed gentlemen. He loves his parents and loves rap. KJ stands for Karie Jai. Karie Jai is very handsome and has the most delicious lips.
*A bunch of girls standing and giggling flirtatiously over him*
His Sister: "Ooooo those girls over there are checking you out KJ!"
KJ: " I am I committed man and only love one girl who is for me and only for me."
by LALADODO January 06, 2013
A Karaoke Jockey; an inevitable phenomenon quickly turning itself into both hobby and vocation in bars across the world.
Man! Ever since Karen Sue became the new K.J. I love singing "I walk the line" she really knows how to make me sound like Johnny Cash!
by CRAssboy November 04, 2009
KJ is a guy that doesn't like school or any form if work. He is often very funny but perverted. Many people have a crush on KJ, seeing that KJ really knows how to please his girl ;). KJ is a crazy person, you have to meet him
I wish I was KJs girl!
by Yomama1111111 October 27, 2014
the acronym for a person who "Knows Jesus"
Oh, hey, did you hear about Megan?
Yeah, I heard she KJs now

What's your religion?
I'm a KJ
by Chillysunbob November 23, 2009
Originated from indian ancestors, the tradition of the KJ (K-jerk) has been passed down for generations. It is the shameful act of jacking off, shitting and vomiting at the same time.
Oh dude I caught my little brother KJ'ing in the toilet last night...
by xposed February 15, 2014
a bad-ass that any girl will fall in love with. It takes a Joanna to keep him, and she won't let anyone touch her Kj; a guy that is learning to face his problems with the girl that loves him by his side; someone who won't give up, no matter how hard it gets.
Kj: This is so crazy. I got locked up for nothing.
Joanna: Yeah, but we'll get through it.
Kj: Damn right, 'cuz I'm a Kj.
by supportingmyman2295 July 22, 2013

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