Kristal Joint PCP
A term for the drug PCP
by k September 15, 2003
abbv. killjoy / kill joy Australia

A person who wishes to not socialise and have fun, therefore 'killing' the fun, or 'joy' of others
Jane: "Amy you gotta come clubbin..."
Amy: "Nah... I'm tired... I don't want to go"
Jane: "But everyone is going..."
Amy: "Nah..."
Jane: "Oh my god you're such a KJ!!"
by Cho Chang May 27, 2004
the dopest
damn, you're the KJ
by mister September 16, 2003
a sweet talker, breaks hearts as easily as he can mend them. You never know if you're going to have a broken heart or a mended one. He can be so sweet when he wants to be. You think he'll always be there for you, but then in a second he can vanish.
The more Kj rejects me, the more I want him!!
by superbored June 06, 2011
A "KJ" is a knee jerk. These are the people that react/overreact to a person/place/ or thing without knowing all the facts. They are quick to judge anything and anyone and have little to no regards for actual facts. They are the headliner chasers of the world.
"Why is he freaking out over that? Doesn't he know the Onion is fake?"

"He's a KJ. They don't know any better."
by Canadian Shield July 18, 2014
most widley used in the video game world, as kill jack.
also known as a kill steal but you cant yell KS and sound too cool, KJ is the act of killing someone who is already hurt.
by johan ciznero December 19, 2009
The KJ was invented by rapper Kyle Johnson and it is when a male inserts his penis into a females vagina; then takes his hand and inserts in into the vagina. Once the hand is in the vagina he strokes his own dick resulting in the best form of masturbation ever.
Mike: Bro, I'm really getting tired of late nights by myself...do you have any suggestions how to make it exciting again like it was in 5th grade?

Kyle: Yeah man, for sure. Just do the KJ


Sarah: Hey baby, I'll let you do anything to me. What are you going to do?

R.Kelly: Bitch, I'm going to do the KJ to you big black ass.
by kylepen15 October 08, 2009

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