a collection of articles needed for using IV drugs; includes a "rig"
Did you bring your kit?
by izzadoora July 30, 2003
1. n. a bad person who single handedly balances out the goodness in the world.
2. n. someone who is unjustly enriched at the expense of others, or is undeservingly fortunate in all aspects of life except with regards to facial feature arrangements.
3. vb. a bad or scmozzlous act
4. adj. dubious
as in, 'what? you kicked the baby? you're such a kit.'
by jjthecoolest November 12, 2007
A small capsule or container which can hold useful items. It is inserted in the anus for safekeeping.
My kit fell out when I ran the marathon, so I lost my asthma spray.
by Lou January 25, 2003
The coolest girl alive not to mention a damn good friend.
omg kit did you hear that! that dude said hes gay! XD
by Kee December 30, 2004
in counter-strike a counter-terroroist would posses a kit to defuse a terrorist planted bomb
d00d u g07 4 k17?
(dude, you got a kit?)
by Toad October 25, 2004
1. a baby fox.
2. The coolest anime fan EVER.
3. Molly's boyfriend.
4. Nickname for Christopher.
5. Much better than Chris.
6. Half of a kitty.
7. A girl's name.
8. Maybe a boy's name.
9. The uneaten part of a Kit-Kat.
10. K - I - T.
11. A package in which parts for a project come.
12. The epitome of geek.
1. "Aww, look at that adorable kit wif it's foxeh momma."
2. "Oi, Kit, could I borrow some of your Hellsing DVDs?"
3. Molly: "I LOVE YOU, KIT!!!!"
4. Person: "What's your REAL name?" Kit: "Christopher."
5. Person: "I like that name, Chris!" Kit: "NO! KIT'S MUCH BETTER!"
6. "Me--" says the half-kitty
7. Girl: "OMG, my name's Kit, too!" Kit: "NOOOOO!!!!"
8. Kit: "I'M A DUDE!"
9. Person A: "Eww, this Kit-Kat is nasty!" Person B: "Just leave the Kit behind."
10. Kid: "How do you spell your name?" Kit: "K... I... T."
11. "I just bought a model airplane kit!"
12. Just... look at him!
by Molly & Bridget April 24, 2005
short form for the name catherine
hey, i'm catherine, you can call me kit.
by katyy_<3s_you August 08, 2005
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