1) A variation of Kit, a nickname for Christopher

2) Overly prepared

3) A person who is quick thinking and/or very vocal.
Don't worry, we'll leave it all to Kit!
by Gojira613 August 12, 2008
A large rug of chest hair, usually obtained during adolescence.
"That guy shouldn't be wearing a deep V."


"He's got a kit just like Thomas Hughes"
by CptVictorFries November 28, 2011
the most amazing ninja-tastic boy in the world. he is the cutest boy ever. he is soo sweet and he will sing to u when ur in pain. he sings and plays guitar wonderfully. he has the most prettyful eyes. u can fall in love soo easily with that boy. i know i have. hes soo caring. hes the love of my life and will be forever. hes the most loveing boy out there. i love him sooo much <3
kit is the sweetest boyfriend, u wished u had him
by im a monstar! rawrrr April 01, 2010
KIT= Keep it true

Surprised, unexpected answer
1)Ima pick up my girl man...

2)You KIT!
by CaliChris650 January 18, 2010
running shoes, sneakers
"I like your kits", the lady said to me. When I asked what she meant, she said "your sneakers, man."
by tally-quacker January 14, 2005
female genitals

equivalent to the word dick
dude! you just kicked me in the kit

umm that shouldent hurt...

oh yeah...
by dumpa January 28, 2011
Keep it true
wow u kit!!!
by The Kitter January 03, 2010

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