A close-minded jerk who takes over everbody's life on chat programs. A disgusting person to be and/or be around and someone whom everyone else is disgusted by.
If not given exactly what he wants, he will throw a child-like temper tantrum and repeatedly harass you until you give into his every want, wish and demand.

Someone who would probably be clinically diagnosed with such disorders as the following:
Bipolar Disorder
Pathelogical Liar

One who believes false information is correct such as lying to theirselves and eventually believing their lies.

Someone who lives in a fantasy world composed of working for the government, having children, and marrying a seventeen year old girl eight states away.

A selfish pig who will not confront you to your face and would therefore rather talk bull behind your back, but refuses to ever dare say it to your face.

Someone who tries to cyber fuck thirteen year old girls on a chat program every night. S/he may or may not also fuck their girlfriend, Molly, a cross-dressing, gender confused whore.

A single person who is hated by most people, but comes to believe that everyone is jealous of him, because, as we all know, he is the best hacker ever. He can hack your computer from a telephone booth.

Kit - a fuckbag.
One who talks badly about people behind their back only later to deny it; One who claims to work for powerful online companies and when proven wrong by the company accuses the boss of lying to protect the company for paying him under the table.

Someone who lives in their grandmothers basement and supports themselves thanks to welfare.
Someone who impersonates asian people.
Someone with a small, shrimp like penis.
Someone who lies pretending his real life parents are dead and he has a 4 year old kid.
Someone who claims to be a "real life ninja".
Someone who has fake dreads and sometimes believes he is Jamacian.
Someone who has sexual fantasies about Richard Simmons.

A compulsive liar who lies about being a cage fighter, in the military, a pentagon hacker, and the extraordinary father of a 4 year old.....WHILE on palace 24/7 and conjuring a group of obnoxious kids so he could blackmail others.

Someone who claims to live with his old friends Grandparents and does not pay rent while living with them because he cleans house for them because they are very sick and ill.

Someone who hacked the Pentagon and was in jail. He has a criminal record that he does not tell anyone about.

His real name is Aaron Lamb.

A fat person.
"Ew that's Kit-arded; the 8th failure of the world! Oh my god! Did you hear he is dating an underaged girl?! Oink oink! He has a chode!"
by BFF4LIFE January 29, 2008
Top Definition
Acronym for "keep in touch"
It's been great getting to know you better this year! Stay cool!!! KIT!!!!!!!!
by Anonymous November 01, 2001
Ta keep in touch
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
Clothes, something that is removed when someone gets their kit off. Originally Kittel, a white cotton or linen robe worn by orthodox Jews on certain holy days (also used as a shroud), overall, smock. Yiddish from MHG ultimately from Arabic source, cogn. with ‘cotton’
Helen Mirran is famous for taking her kit off
by klidenengro January 30, 2004
Kit is a term used to describe the hottest boy in the world, everybody is jealous of him and everybody wants to be him. He is very talented at everything.
"OMG! Is that Kit?!"
"I want to be him so bad!"
by kitgregory October 08, 2011
A strange , yet compelling, woman...frequently discovered to be smarter than you are, funnier than you are, and more charming than you are. A delightful companion full of insight and good advice. Wise beyond her years. Having not a bad rack.

A nickname for Kathleen or Katherine. Also sometimes a nickname for Christopher (i.e Kit Carson)
Random person: :Wow who's that brilliant, hilarious chick?"

Other Random Person: " That's Kit, nice rack, eh?
by Kit The Cat February 07, 2010
noun, British. Slang for equipment, especially weapons, load bearing gear, etc.
Make sure your kit's squared away. We're on the move in thirty mikes.
by themagicalnegro August 19, 2011
Keep In Touch
I hope you had a fun summer here at camp, K.I.T.
by Crazedmimic April 27, 2009

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