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kia is the name of an awful little korean car manufacturer. unlike their korean rival hyundai, which has made significant improvements to their vehicles over the past 2 decades (although kia is in better shape than korean car maker daewoo, which could only handle the us market for 3 years), kia's quality remains relitively low. the cars have gotten better since being first introduced to the states in the early '90s, and they are well know for their great warrenties. but build quality and reliability where they should be. also, kia interiors have a strange smell, which is acredited to the packaging in which they are imported.
kia makes a bunch of smell, mediocre cars.
by Eye In The Sky June 22, 2006
Killed in action, military death in battle.
bob was KIA
by random fucker November 07, 2003
a name coming from the Greek origin meaning "full of sexually appealing artichokes."
I'd like to boil up that Kia and eat her with mayo.
by Mmmyea. August 27, 2008
A car that means Killed in action (KIA)
Dangerous subimal warning
I will never drive a KIA! I might get KIA.
by u9h9uuuhhuu9h August 17, 2007
This girl is crazy. She loves chatting and having a laugh with close friends and has a one in a million laugh. she loves sport and is a fighter at heart. She is attracted to those who make her laugh and can't live without her ipod.

She likes black guys too.
"Kia is a special one"
by chickenheadman November 26, 2013
kia is a amazing beuatriful girl. Very active :P and great at soccer. Hangs out with alot of friends and everyone knows her. and did i mention amazing.
kia is so awesome
by anomonyus132544658589 January 27, 2011
Stands for "know-it-all."
Ugh, he acts like such a kia!
by mirmirladybug October 24, 2012