The Indian way of saying FML (F$ck my life)

Full form - Khatam hai life

True translation - Life is over!
That bird just ignored me .. KHL

Its a Friday night and I'm sitting at home KHL
by SuperTallSuperFox May 14, 2011
Top Definition
Kontinental Hockey League

The second biggest hockey league in the world, beside NHL. Where NHL free agents with no team, not enough playing time, or want more salary often go.
Ray Emery decided to sign a one year deal with the Atlant Mitsubishis of the KHL, and earn more money then he did in the NHL , as well as actually being noticed out there.
by GO-LEAFS-GO-2011 September 10, 2010
Keep Her Lit
Slang mainly used in Belfast
Means roughly 'Keep it up' , 'Come on!' or 'Yesss!'
Hood 1 : UTH!!
Hood 2 : YEEOOOO Fuck the Peelers!

Hood 3 : KHL Lads!
by FTPSNI May 29, 2016
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