The art of licking one's fingers after they have been in rude places.
"finger licking good"
Licking fingers after they have been inside a woman
by David Little May 25, 2005
2nd to only Popeyes chicken, but looks like factory rims compared to twenty-six inch sprees
Popeyes is simply better than KFC no if ands or buts about it.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 29, 2003
Kentucky Fried Clone
-I'm going to get some KFC
-Kentucky Fried Clone?
-You didn't know that shit ain't real?
by Westsider May 05, 2005
Kitchen Fresh Chicken
I had KFC.
by tranman May 02, 2004
Kentory Fried sChicken

(The "S" is Silent)
Fake ass Kentucky Fried Chicken
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
Commonly mistaken as Kentucky Fried Chicken.
The real meaning of KFC is Killed Fucked Cocked.
guy 1 ~ You did what to that chicken.
Guy 2 ~ I killed it i fucked it and i cocked it.
You know KFC
Guy 1 ~ Oh. I thought you meant something else.
by Tezza27 August 30, 2008
jess a place dat makz u fat. sum of da peepz i noe call it Korean Female Chicks. he he he...
My Friend: ey gurl!!!! wanna eat @ KFC??
Me: k...
My Otha' Friend: wut?? do we get our food fwrom a korean chick!?
Me: nooo!!!
My Friend: Whurr do u wanna goe already!?!?!?
by Cyute_Lil'_Aimi April 26, 2008

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