Cunnilingus followed by intercourse.

(After eating, you slip your bone into a greasy box)
Steve: Did you do that girl after the party?

Andy: Yes, I had KFC
#cunnilingus #kfc #twat munching #tonguing the bean #porking #slut
by wozza1 September 24, 2006
korea's fattest child.
for a fat person from korea, so you can make fun of them without hurting their feelings. at first.

"hey, kfc, how 'ya doing?"
#fat #korea #kfc #fattest #child
by brargh June 23, 2006
kitchen for coloreds
Me and my homeboys went down to the good ol' KFC fo' some o' that exxra crispy chicken meng.
#kentucky fried chicken #kfc #chicken #black food #crispy
by JWAP November 04, 2005
Acronym for Kids From Compton. Used to be a local gang in the 323 area.
Police- Why are you in KFC?
KFCguy- Cuz im down bitch.
Police- Ima bust a cap on yo ass
KFCguy- I'm down
by Daniel February 17, 2005
1. Keep Fooling Customers.
2: Kentucky Fried Crow.
3: Killing Farm Chickens.
4: Kippered Fried Chocobo.
5: Kentucky Felched Crap.
7: Keep Furries Contained.
Man, that KFC is some good eatin'.
by Kix May 04, 2004
Kentucky Fried Cuntface(s).
"Hay look at him"
"But he is a KFC"
"Yeah, Kentucky Fried Cuntface"

Kentucky Fried Cuntface
#kfc #fried #kentucky #cunt #face
by zero-beat November 01, 2010
some of the worst and most ghetto chicken ever!only hillbillies go there!try some japanese chicken,its way better!
hillbilly:duuuh...i leik kfc

me:dude wtf are you talking about?kfc is the most ghetto chicken ive tasted!here,have some chicken from japan!

hillbilly:*eats japanese chicken*mmmm...dam this is way better than shitty kfc!
#who #the #hell #needs #tags?
by hahaimsmartyournot August 31, 2008
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