kane fucks cats
kanes gay KFC!
by dick weeeeed June 12, 2009
Something the most famous Daniel Latter would eat for breakfast lunch and tea!
*Daniel Speaking*.. " I thought i was sick of KFC... but i just cant stop with all its juicyness!"
by A-man-da Hug-n-kiss. August 04, 2008
Keep on Fuck'n Chick
1: Hey !! what R U do'n tonight ??

2: Nothing !! Really ?

3: Don't Give uP !! KFC

by Heaven Devil December 08, 2007
Cunnilingus followed by intercourse.

(After eating, you slip your bone into a greasy box)
Steve: Did you do that girl after the party?

Andy: Yes, I had KFC
by wozza1 September 24, 2006
korea's fattest child.
for a fat person from korea, so you can make fun of them without hurting their feelings. at first.

"hey, kfc, how 'ya doing?"
by brargh June 23, 2006
kitchen for coloreds
Me and my homeboys went down to the good ol' KFC fo' some o' that exxra crispy chicken meng.
by JWAP November 04, 2005
Acronym for Kids From Compton. Used to be a local gang in the 323 area.
Police- Why are you in KFC?
KFCguy- Cuz im down bitch.
Police- Ima bust a cap on yo ass
KFCguy- I'm down
by Daniel February 17, 2005

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