(verb) Kick From Clan. A common punishment in computer gaming clans, especially if the player has damaged the clan's reputation by cheating.
I'm going to KFC him for hacking.
by _huey October 29, 2007
the Kronik Fight Club; the pinnacle of sports cheering and overall rowdiness. membership can lead to a deeper, more meaningful understanding of life, as well as pernament hoarseness of voice.
"Wow, those guys are loud."
"What do you expect, they're the KFC"
by Collin James October 24, 2007
a place where you can get quite possibly the greasiest chicken. Run by white trash
Excuse me, wheres the colonel?What wrong wit you? I say you he dead
by yoguy June 19, 2004
only one thing more finger lickin' good than KFC. pussy
kfc is quite possibly the best chicken ever
by senor fresca October 28, 2005
Simular to a woman
"once you have finished eating you have a greasy box to stick your bone in"
kane fucks cats
kanes gay KFC!
by dick weeeeed June 12, 2009
Something the most famous Daniel Latter would eat for breakfast lunch and tea!
*Daniel Speaking*.. " I thought i was sick of KFC... but i just cant stop with all its juicyness!"
by A-man-da Hug-n-kiss. August 04, 2008

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