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K.F.C stands for as every 1 knows kiddie fiddler central
man 1: god this really is a K.F.C
man 2: i know i would never let my kids down near this part of town
man 1: what are we doing here?
man 2: im a sexual preditor
man 1: what do u mean?
man 2: did u not wonder why i was wearing a school uniform?
man 1: i thought it was a bit strange.
by 1bamf April 15, 2008
Greasy fucking shit, dubbed "KFC". Commonly mistaken for actual food. The perfect place to catch some salmonella. Tastes like dusty musty shite with some sort of fucking spice, how someone can claim there are 11 is beyond me. Mostly niggers are thought to dine here, but infact pakis have ventured outside the world of cocking curry and into the world of scoffing ex-battery chickens.
At the local KFC:
Coon # 1. "gimme dat chinking yo muvva fuka i cut you for it"
Coon # 2 "yah right nigga dis iz mah chicking"
by Lora Logic June 12, 2007
another example of the infamous kentucky fried chicken : korea fried cat.
KFC: kentucky fried chicken. over here in asia, we call it korea fried cat.
by that guy from last night December 05, 2005
A term used to describe fingering a girl, because of the KFC phrase; "It's Finger-licking good!"
So what did you do last nite then?
Well I got a bit of KFC.
by Andy June 16, 2004
Place that gave me food poisoning and seems to operate an 'asian only' workforce scheme.
They have to do one thing - fry chicken - and they still manage to fuck that up.
by Wise Man October 07, 2003
K.F.C. stands for Kentucky Fried Cock. When a man has a erectile disfunction, other wise know as the dick being "fried".
Horny Harry was going to have sex with his grandma in law but he couldnt get a boner. He told his mother and she assumed he had K.F.C. (Kentucky Fried Cock).
by Sean Luber February 13, 2009