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Where the boogies from the ghetto go to eat.
Let's steal us a watermelon, buy a couple of 40s, and get some KFC.
by Bob November 30, 2004
Sexual foreplay with a girl not for gays
Enjoyed a lot by girls. when finished with the breasts and thighs, you have a bone to stick in the greasy box.
by Jack Mearse July 23, 2005
kissed her,f*cked her,chucked her
kid that chick was nuttin but kfc
by *Chelseaa. August 16, 2007
When the male partner inserts KFC family size bucket of chicken into the females vagina for five minutes to warm up then the male takes it out and shares it with his female companion and savors it then licks the crumbs left behind to prevent infection.
let me KFC you behind that big lots
by jakees August 29, 2010
Keen For Cock. Generally used to describe a woman who is sexually aroused.
Those girls over there are KFC
by Ando2222 June 02, 2009
1. Kentucky Fried chicken
2. The ghetto Kennedy Fried Chicken that is located right down the street from the real KFC.
"Dude I just got from KFC!!!"
"Fo shizzle dude, did you get the boneless honey BBQ strips?"
"No, they don't have those at Kennedy Fried Chicken"
"HAHA you poor bastard can't even afford real fast food!!!!"
by Michael Bolton Sucks Ass!!! March 23, 2004
Kaptain Fat Cock
a retarted superhero who comes n rapes u at night with his fat cock he will hunt u down n fuck da shit outta u all night long until u scream n bleed from ur ass den he sings the retarted burgerking song n he flys off farting
lil kikd 1: wat happened to u?
kid 2: KFC aka KAPTAIN! FAT! COCK! got my buns
by TR1C3 May 18, 2008
kfc stands for one of 3 things:
1)Kentucky Fried Chicken
2)Killers For Chicken (see below)
3)Kids From Compton, a gang centered in .... Compton (no affiliation with the company)
1)I love kfc.
2)i'd kfc him
3) Its all about KFC
by tw15ter April 28, 2007