Where the boogies from the ghetto go to eat.
Let's steal us a watermelon, buy a couple of 40s, and get some KFC.
by Bob November 30, 2004
KFC is an abbreviation for a Kenucky Fucked Cunt. It means a slut hailng from the land of Kentucy.
"Oh yeah, did i mention that hoe is a KFC. She has chlamydia."
by kenesis September 04, 2006
Keen For Cock - When someone has the desires and or is craving for dicks/cocks.

KFC - An Abbreviation for Keen For Cock.
KFC = Keen For Cock
guy1 -"You (KFC) bro ?" -_-
guy2 -"I Love (KFC)!" :D
guy1 -"AHAHA! You (Keen For Cock)?" >:D
guy2 - =.="
by aisar_lb February 10, 2012
its true definition is kentucky fried cruelty

should be shut down for unethical processing
straight edgers: that kfc manager faggots working late today
slash3r: sweet, lets wait for em with razors, we'll fuck em up
by xxxslash3rxxx November 30, 2005
Place where I work and get paid
I work at KFC. I am an employee at KFC
by bob March 27, 2005
KFC "Kan't Find (the) Chicken"
A place frequented by the british between the hours of 11pm and 3am after consuming several hundered pints of lager or ale. Sells random collections of vermin bones covered in a secret coating.
Whats the fuck I am eating, I KFC. in it....
by Blackpool Lee October 21, 2005
The art of licking one's fingers after they have been in rude places.
"finger licking good"
Licking fingers after they have been inside a woman
by David Little May 25, 2005
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