Problem solver for black people.
2: How'd you know?
1: You recorded it!
2: I'll buy you KFC chicken, 20 pieces.
1: We cool.
by Link998 May 26, 2013
Keen for cock
andy: "Ohh man, that chick is such a slut"

john: "Shit yeah, totally KFC"
by mitchos devos January 16, 2011
Kentucky Fried Colonel
Now you know KFC's original recipe.
by BeardedFatass May 17, 2004
Killer Fuckin' Chicken
I got KFC once and I swear to god the chips had so much fat in them i saw a bubble rise from the bottom of one to the top. It WILL kill you.
by gordon shumway June 03, 2005
Mathematically, this is incorrect.
But for the sake of humor and for you 8th graders:

KFC is one letter away from FUCK. All it's missing is U! - comedy fest 2005
by tourettesGUY June 02, 2006
Where the African American eight foot three guy goes every Friday with his crew.
Imma get some KFC.
by N. Gin August 24, 2010
KFC is a fast-food chain. Strangely, they are more popular in countries all over the world than America. In London, there are over 38 KFC's. Yet, Kentucky is mentioned. So they think that Kentucky is comprised of Fried Chicken. When the fact of the matter is, no one actually likes it in America.
Excuse me mate, want to hit up KFC's for some grub?

Why, I do believe dear, KFC's and tea shall be fine tonight.

Je voudrais KFC pour ma famille.

OMPA! KFC! Arreverderci.

KFC? That's one f**ed up motha f**cker.

Honestly, I hate KFC.
by Newyorkladii July 25, 2006
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