Problem solver for black people.
2: How'd you know?
1: You recorded it!
2: I'll buy you KFC chicken, 20 pieces.
1: We cool.
by Link998 May 26, 2013
Another shitty subsidiary of Pepsi, where the overpriced food is oversalted so we buy their overpriced drinks, and where wages are probably very low so the greedy CEOs can get more. On Thursdays, you can pay $2 for a crappy tiny little chicken sandwich with mayonnaise and a bit of lettuce that would be half the price at McDonald's. Popeye's is even more expensive than KFC, but the food is much better. KFC stands for "Kan't Fucking Cook".
KFC is evil enough already, but do they really have to blow out the fumes of their food to lure in customers to buy their overpriced food? I mean, shit, that's not nice!
by Anonymous August 01, 2003
Kute Fat Chick- the word cute is spelled with a K because cute fat chicks most likely are also fans of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).
Guy 1: That girl is kinda cute
Guy 2: Eh, shes kinda chubby
Guy 1: Totally a KFC though.
by OOOmikey May 30, 2009
Cardboard which is soaked in grease then covered in fertilizer and cooked at a ridiculously high temperature then left under a heatlamp to ferment.
Im a vegetarian, lets go to KFC I hear there is no chicken involved.
by DoubleR July 07, 2003
An American fast-food resturant that serves friend chicken and sides. Robbed on a weekly basis.
Yo, you wanna go rob dat KFC? Rents due in a minute.
by my name indeed May 26, 2007
A brand of chicken with a "secret recipe". Not sure why they're allowed a secret recipe but everyone else is legally obliged to print it on the side of the packaging.
Ref: KFC Futurama "Benders Big Score"

"I found the Colonel's secret recipe: Chicken, grease, salt"
by mrpugh July 10, 2008
Kennedy Fried Chicken -The ghetto KFC run usually by the arabs behind bullet proof glass and a lot cheaper than the real KFC.
Forget KFC, lets go to Kennedy fried chicken instead it's $3.00 for 3 pieces, a bun, and a soda.
by Calvin1 June 14, 2007
K-F-C. also standing Damn Good Chicken.

as my black friends inform me.
Doodie: ai, ai, ai tyrone!
Doodie:Ai Tyrone!
Tyrone:whach yoo wan doodie?
Doodie:yoo kno wha kfc stand fo?
Tyrone: ai, aint that be standin fo damn goo chikin?
by zachy lynch August 30, 2008
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