Problem solver for black people.
2: How'd you know?
1: You recorded it!
2: I'll buy you KFC chicken, 20 pieces.
1: We cool.
by Link998 May 26, 2013
Acronym for:
Kissable Fuckable Cute

Used by some super cool dudes when talking about members of the opposite sex.
Daniel: Yo Jordan, you think that new girl is KFC?
Jordan: Yeah man, I'd tap that.
A promiscuous female; one who sleeps with many males indiscriminately
You know that Beth girl? She's KFC: Keen For Cock
by heathen September 04, 2004
KFC used to be Kentucky Fried Chicken, but it had leagal issues and is now Kitchen Fresh Chicken. Sounds a whole lot crappier.
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by That Bum May 30, 2005
KFC is a restaurant where people eat chicken. And to correct the white racists, it does not only attract black people and black people aren't the common customer. Acually Its a fact that more white people go to KFC than black people becuase KFC is cheap and whites are penny pinchers so they dont spend a lot of money.
Hey my white friend, lets go to KFC where all of our white friends from our all white prepy school are.
by Kjaklofhgin January 30, 2006
KFC is the best goddamn place there is- to church people, white people, and well shit anyone
KFC is pretty awesome, wanna go get a 5 $dollar box?
by S_knight_in_shining_armor May 02, 2011
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