A nicer way to call somebody a faggot. Generally refering to people wearing pink polo shirts. Also a politer way of calling someone a retard. Derived from Keevin Galbraith for playing lacrosse and being a member of the Philadelphia Wings.
"Hey, look he's wearing a pink polo, he must be a Keevin"
"He has an I.Q. of 60, he must be a Keevin"
by Dougie-Fresh March 28, 2009
Top Definition
Courageous, independent, warrior, strong and compassionate, leader, highly intelligent, focus of change, charismatic, beautiful and fair, kind and handsome, humanitarian, protector of the weak, full of laughter and brilliance, appealing and magnetic to women, Origin is Welsh and Gaelic. Fighter, Masculine.
"Hey did you see that big handsome stud Keevin?" "
by The Green and The Gold August 10, 2012
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