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Same as KCACO - Keep Calm and Carry On. That is, to chill.
Quit obsessing over your bf. You need to seriously KC.CO.
by filbert i am May 31, 2012
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Keep Calm and Chive On
It's a reference to a site called "TheChive"
Steve: "Man, I'm having such a shitty day."
Rob: "It's all good man, just KCCO!"
by onaefjnoaenv June 15, 2012
592 433
Acronym from "The Chive" meaning "Keep Calm and Chive On".
When at work, a person may submit a photo while bored with a caption of "KCCO".
by HueyH May 17, 2012
407 348
Keep Calm and Chive On, the slogan of the website theCHIVE
I love browsing theCHIVE! #KCCO
by MrPibb July 23, 2012
421 411
KCCO stands for Keep Calm and Chive On, and is a widely used abbreviation on online platforms such as Twitter where #hashtags are used.

The verb 'Chive' means to act sexy, stupid and raucous for the attention of the opposite sex. This can often be seen at workplaces, and so it has recently become a thing for women to take photos of themselves being sexually provocative at work and uploading them to Twitter with the hashtag #KCCO.
"Took a photo of my cleavage outside my boss's office, #KCCO" -Typical caption to a photo uploaded on Twitter by a woman (a.k.a chivette)
by The Metal Storm May 25, 2012
820 841
Short for "Keep Calm, and Chive On!"
I got rehired! Guess I KCCO'd them enough.
by wonder years May 20, 2012
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