Word to be interjected as a silence breaker. Not synonomous with "cock," though pronounced the same.
"Yes, so, my grandmother passed away last night..."
"... KAWK."
by Onislize March 20, 2006
Top Definition
A mispelling of lawl, often at an awkward and humiliating time.
<X> yay it's my birthday
<oLp> KAWK
<X> ...
by oLp July 01, 2005
Yet another internet slang word for penis
"This website makes my Kawk happy"
by Acid-Snake November 13, 2003
1. Internet slang for Penis, derived from 'cock.'
2. An accidental misspelling of LAWL, often typed out when typing speed exceeds mental speed.

Me: lol, I just hit that guy in realm #46
Girl: KAWK
by Fallen Snow February 23, 2009
the new and improved version of cock........one day i misspelled lawl and used a "k" by accident and it was kawk......now my new favorite word
i got all these bitches on my kawk
yeah, his kawk was soooo huge!
by brandon bousquet April 28, 2008
1) slang word for penis
"Dude, as soon as i laid eyes on that sweet babe, my kawk instantly becane erect!"

I want to fill that girl's mouth with my Kawk flavored love!

by Kawk-Boy-4Lyfe December 16, 2014
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