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Acronym of 'Keith and the Girl', a comedy PodCast.
Did you listen to the latest KATG episode yet?
by Chloe the Moogle April 30, 2007
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Internet meme that stands for "Kool and the Gang", typically used in written communication (e.g. FB status updates, tweets, IM's and the like)

An adjective meaning "most excellent".

An expression of agreement or satisfaction.
"This $&@# is KATG!"; "So, it's ok if we perform the ritual?" "KATG!"; "The body of Christ..." "KATG!"
by MumbaJones February 28, 2011
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Keith and the Girl

top 5 podcast period.

About Keith and The Girl

This New York City couple have been living in sin since 2002, and they began their 5 days a week, New York Times-praised, radio show in March 2005. Their no-holds-barred show tackles literally everything as it is not bound by the rules of terrestrial radio. Out of well over 20,000 separate podcasts, Keith and The Girl immediately became, and remain, one of the most listened to radio shows of all time.
katg is the best comedy podcast ever
by leftcranium July 14, 2006
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