a gorjes guy inside and out, who'd make any girl proud
i love kal,
by laura February 16, 2004
Top Definition
a person who is funny and retarded and sometimes even C-O-O-L...oh yeah...and even sometimes SEXY..*WINK*
wow friend...your so KALVIN!!!!!
by kalvin November 04, 2003
something that is VERY cooL...
omg that's sOo KALVIN! (very cooL)
by Joanne Tran November 10, 2003
the most beautiful person one will ever meet in and out always willing to do for others and the best spouse and father of all times and always drops big loads from his giant package, really good with using his "tool" and makes you fall intensly in love extremely quikly and is an etremely sexy manbeast
he must be a kalvin because he screwed me like their was no tomarrow and im going back for more night after night :)
by the chosen one for a kalvin November 19, 2012
a manbeast ..
" w0w evan !! y0ur such a kalvin " ..
by TAT DAYMM HOE November 16, 2003
A typical proud awesome Hong Kong Asian (note: he is different from Calvin.) He is very talented in academics and surprisingly sports. His dick is bigger than the average white male but he doesn't point that out. He has lots of streets smart and has balls to do things everyone else would pussy out of. He is not a typical bragger and tends to hide his true personality and problems inside. He is a good listener and he will help solve your problems. He is hated by nobody and everyone seems to either be his acquaintance or friends. He is funny and pretty good looking but he doesn't show much interest in girls unless a girl shows interests in him. Outside of school life he is very mysterious and if he sees you he will ignore you and walk away even if you are a close friend.
Kalvin is so popular, cool, and kind but the other day when I saw him and said hi, he walked away!
by Caroline Lee March 05, 2014
He's known for being an idiot and not knowing what srs means. He may seem funny and nice but under all of that he tends to want to fight people a lot.
Kalvin: *walks into school*
Me:Is that Kalvin?? OMG FIGHT ME YOU TWERP
by Idontreallycareneitherdoyou October 13, 2015
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