A mountain where stupid white people go and either die from falling off or freezing to death from negative Fahrenheit windstorms.
I lost my leg from frostbite after getting stranded for six days on K2, but that won't stop me from going back again.
by Anonymous June 22, 2003
One of your mom's ass cheeks (doesn't matter which one).
I'd like to climb that K2.
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
Graffiti Crew , in Montreal, Ireland, England, Connecticut. 2 ks Kine and Krap.
K2 creww.!
by K2ok June 09, 2009
A two-step process in which one listens to a sufficient amount of k-pop, and then "follows it up" with a little masturbation while watching k-porn (alternately "korean" and "kiddie", depending on the mood).
I wish dan had finished that topology, but instead he felt like going home and pulling a k2.
by ck December 12, 2004
a cannabis strain by Homegrown Fanaseeds.
The K2 is the lil sister of the famous WhiteWidow
and one of the most resinous and potent strains
for the homegrower.
Very short, very resinous - and a couchlock, that
would put an elephant to sleep.
Man, this Dude fell asleep on the basketball court,
after we had some of that homegrown K2bud.
by HankThomas April 11, 2007
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