a big mountain
I'm gonna climb K2
by Ineedacatscan June 10, 2003
A great ski/board company also a mountain range
Guy 1:Dude, I used my k2's to ski K2.
Guy 2:dude, I used my rossi's to Ski 7springs.
by aboi234 November 08, 2008
A gathering of late twenty year olds every other friday at the worst venues in nyc. Mostly for men who cant get laid and for women who are too old/ugly to get laid. These people come here with high hopes of getting ladi by the end of the night.
There is no example for this. I wouldnt be caught dead sayin K2..
by brainy July 30, 2003
The King who should be honored greatfully.
I am K2, so be good and i wont hang you.
by Michael June 21, 2003
The fastest, lightest, and sickest brand of Skis out there.
Dude, you get your K2's yet?
Hell yea, they freaking rip
by B-rad Jenkins February 04, 2009
On the Villanova University campus, the second floor of Katharine residence hall. Widely known throughout both the school and the surrounding Philadelphia area as the epicenter of hardcore partying and debauchery, it has become a sought-after address for freshman, and a draw for revellers of all ages and backgrounds.
"Dude did you hear about the crazy weekend they had on K2?"
by Michael Flaherty January 14, 2006
A friendly place in Northern Indiana where freshmen can get naked, slide on rooftops and run around. Synonyms: "Kratz 2nd", "The Deuce".
I was up on K2 so I asked Stan and Bruce if they wanted to shower. Then Fath joined in and it got real gnarly. Killer!
by sashamd November 02, 2003

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