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(slang expression): Originating in the 1950s as a response to a statement of dubious veracity or credibility, it's an acronym for "Keep believing it".
Bush: We can win the war on terror by killing every muslim in the middle east.

Intelligent Person: Yeah, k.b.i.
by Vermont Ferret August 24, 2006
A further bastardization of kbye.

An abrupt and lame way to end a conversation. This uttering is commonly associated with so-called IRC "lamers" (see lamer) renouned for the overuse of retarded abbreviations (such as the above) during chat sessions.

It is used extensively in IRC geek humour and in-jokes. See the example

See also kbye, kthxbye
Non-IRC user: Fuck you IRC "lamers" are fucking lame.
IRC user: kbi
by Not a lamer June 28, 2003
Shortened version for Keep Believing It.
Can be used instead of "Whatever makes you sleep at night"
- Now go and clean your room !
- Yeah. KBI !
by frenchgirl1992 March 04, 2009
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