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I laugh whenever someone describes "Kmart" merchandise as cheap. It reveals their ignorance, because it's an URBAN MYTH and shows just how gullible the American public has become.

Kmart is always my FIRST stop whenever I go out looking for good buys. I've purchased high-quality dress shirts (with silk tie included), golf shirts, leather belts, faux swede shirts, dress slacks, cargo shorts, leather dress shoes, casual leather loafers, ultra-light running shoes, sports equipment, underwear, t-shirts, kitchen applicances, CDs, DVDs, crystal stemware, ceramic bakeware, power tools, gardening equipment and even an expresso/cappaccino maker from Kmart, and NEVER had any problem. I've done exchanges and received discounts on recent purchases without any trouble.

S. S. Kresge used to compete directly with F. W. Woolworth, and Ben Franklin stores. Where the hell are they now, when Kmart staged one of the biggest turn-arounds in discount retailing history, I ask?

I applaud "harvardgirl87" for her knowledge of the S. S. Kresge Co. and Kmart. Back in 2002, Kmart stock hit bottom selling for $1.92/share. Today, Sears Holding owns Kmart and is selling at $149.24/share, which is up 5.54% from YESTERDAY'S price...an increase of $7.84/share in JUST ONE DAY!

So tell me, who is the dummy now? Yes, feel free to pull your head out of your ass and begin doing your own research!

And STOP being so gullible by attaching an erroneous tag that is totally inaccurate, and shows how big a moron you really are!

You are soooo Kmart! (urban myth)
by scottishrogue1st October 06, 2007
A once powerful mass merchandiser that was brought to its knees by Wal-Mart and Target - now is in bankrupcy. Used to be a fairly good store in the 70's and 80's but the corporation never updated stores or merchandise. Prices were high, employees were always jerks and the quality of K-Mart clothing was and still is horrible.
"K-Mart Sucks, Ray"
by Whatever April 08, 2003
Ghetto small mall
I got my food stamps! let go to K-mart.
by 5.0phil January 28, 2003
A deptmartent store getting their asses handed to them, by Wal-Mart and Target.
I hate K-Mart.
by Saints September 21, 2003
Something cheap and unwanted.
Dude! That car is so k-mart. I would never ride in that thing
by Chris Duenas August 03, 2005
1.Cheap or of low quality.
2.Actually bought from a Kmart store.
That Kmart VCR will break in about a week.
by 5'11"Racer January 20, 2007
A department store that sells, among other items, notoriously unfashionable/poor quality clothing. All clothing brands are licensed exclusively to K-Mart (i.e. Route 66) and quite unsuccessfully attempt to mimic current trends.

Associated with a demographic that is either low income, cheap by choice, or fashionably inept.
Popular Kid: "John's such a dork, saying those lameass sneakers with no logo are real skate shoes. He probably got them at K-Mart."

Social Reject: "My mom's gonna take me to K-Mart tomorrow to get some cool t-shirts."
by foreign lump January 30, 2006