Healthy diet of Ketamine.
I've been K fed all my life and look at me now!

You drive. I think there's something wrong with me.
by negative.koncept December 11, 2008
A golddigger.

And every man in the world would do the exact same thing.
I am jealous of k-fed.
by HOlmzezz January 19, 2007
k-fed also known as kevin federline is the best rapper alive
john: lil wayne is the best rapper alive
ashley: no hes not k-fed is
by anon2548 September 02, 2009
Just all around cool, collected, hot, smart, also known as Kevin Federline. He had an affair with Britney Spears and is as awesome as shit, but some people hate him for always wanting to be in the spotlight.
"Woah! He's the next K-Fed!"
by Alex Xavier Pakanati Jr. July 10, 2008
Okay, that person is a fed.

Similar to terms like orly, yarly, srsly, etc.
<cybix> how does a botnet work btw lol?
<br0k3n> kfed.
by br0k3n August 03, 2006
The fucking man. Lyrical Genius. Plays bitches. These are a few of the many ways to describe K-Fed. Though many people view him of a white trash loser, they're just simply jealous of how amazingly awesome K-Fed truly is.
Hey did you hear about that guy who married Britney Spears, got her pregnant, and then took a ton of her money after the divorce?
Yeah, K-Fed is the fucking man.
by Jhall January 21, 2007
Pop culture's nickname for aspiring performer Kevin Federline, husband of Brittany Spears.
Yo dawg, catch the K Fed on MTV last night?
by Johnnners September 01, 2006
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