1. the art of leaving your woman for another woman who has a lot of money
2. an asshole
1. He just pulled a K-Fed on me
2. You are such a K-Fed
by Kina June 21, 2006
a knuckle dragging American chav who has NO talent but loads of sperm who should be wiped off the planet for teh benefit of all of the country!
K-Fed is a total fucking scum bag faggot!
by Innit? McGuinness July 13, 2006
a term used to describe a craker that thinks he can rap but in reality he cant rap for his life
jon: man i rap better than eminem
tom: no ur just a k fed
by fty December 16, 2006
Kevin Federline. Britney Spears's white trash husband.
Look at KFed in the tabloids this week. Ew.
by CourtneyK August 20, 2005
The act of fucking someone over, much like Kevin Federline did Brittany Spears; ie, stretched out her pussy, used her money, got her fat, and then cheated on her.
Holy shit, can you believe CPT "T" K-FEDed me like that? I feel fucking used.
by thediggler September 15, 2006
K-Fed: The Next Vanilla Ice
I saw K-Fed on Tv Last night attempting to rap, i laughed my ass off
by truth4332 September 15, 2006
1.Any white trash male who resembles Keven Federline, whether it be in the clothes he wears, or the slight stuble on his face. Keep in mind however, the male in question must be trashy, of course.

2.Any white trash male who believes he has a chance of making it in the rap world.
Referring to that random man walking down the street: "Heyyy. What up KFed? Ha.Ha.Ha."
by Liberachi September 11, 2006
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