Mephedrone (4-methylmethcathinone), the drug that rips your face off.
That K-Fed is a great way to stay in shape!
by Tastyskulls McDodrugs July 05, 2010
a douche bag. The gold digging husband of britney spears. he has extremely powerful sperm. Stay Away!
Britney Spears married k-fed, who is a douche bag.
by fuck this shit motherfucker April 29, 2006
Impregnating a drunk celebrity soley to gain wealth.
Yea dude, Lindsey Lohan was so drunk last night, i wanted to k-fed her.
by James2 May 05, 2007
a sorry ass rapper, a wanna be rapper
That fool raps like kfed.
by surveys February 05, 2007
A white man who thinks he can rap.
Originally from Fresno CA.
Married and divorsed Britany Spears.
The End.
Mikaela: K-Fed is the kind of wrapper you spit your gum into and throw away.

by Ashleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy July 10, 2008
The Ex-Husband of Britney Spears, Kevin Federline and father of both of her children.
Brittney became a preggo because K-fed wont Wrap his "friend"
by Abrecrombie adddicts name is kathy November 24, 2007
1. the art of leaving your woman for another woman who has a lot of money.
2. an asshole
1. He just pulled a K. Fed on me!
2. You are such a K.Fed
by Kina June 21, 2006
To "K-Fed" someone is to impregnate a famous & wealthy woman with you only intentions being to collect a ridiculous amount of child support each month, like K-Fed did to Britney.
I'm gonna k-fed Ellen DeGeneres so I can get super-paid!
by noGAS4life April 20, 2009
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