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A boy by the name of Kieran who has sexual intercourse with strangers for money. The strangers are sometimes men and sometimes referred to as Josh, Todd or George.
K-Dude: "Hey wanna have sex?"
Josh: "Yeah!"
Todd: "Me too!"
George: "Yeah OK, I just lubed up!"
Kieran: "Whoopee!"
by FrankTheTank2010Bitches January 07, 2010
A polish boy who calls himself k-dude
because he thinks he pwns. And he doesn't...
His dad is called a-dude and they bowl together. A-dude tells k-dude gay bedtime stories.
a-dude: 'And then the two boys got it on...'
k-dude: 'Tat, kocham ti!'
a-dude: 'W kadrze Warschau, w kadrze weszeli!'
by ruben dezeure May 19, 2004
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