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Street running east-west through Washington DC's northwest quadrant. K Street is a phrase referring to lobbying groups, many of which are headquartered in the area, home also to Chinatown and MCI Center.
You can easily see the influence of K Street in this bill.
by Nutmegger September 27, 2003
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A niceer bussness area in DC by the MCI center, but parts of it are ghetto. At night it is where all the prostitutes go. OMG there are some MEATY bitches out there.
You im trying to get a prostitute, lets go to K street.

Damn that prostitute is fucking fat as shit... Yeah thats K srteet hoes for you.

GO to K street next weekend and see for yourself. Anytime from like 12am to 5 am.
by James June 09, 2003
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A street in D.C. known for homo activity. Also has been the nickname of a person (male) who engages in a Homo lifestyle with gay "street walkers", but says he lives a straight life.
Yo, your boy Jamica went to D.C. and had sex with a guy dress up as a female "street walker" on k-street. He's now K-Street
by A CC Guy February 02, 2009
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