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K road, or Karangahape Road, is an Auckland commercial street, famed for having whores in the alleys.
by Martzb September 17, 2003
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see that bitch who came outta glassons?? she dresses like a prof. hooker from K'Road
by Brother Number One October 21, 2003
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K Road, a.k.a Karangahape Road: The place to go if you're in need of some desperate pleasure from a filthy whore.

Much like Great South Road at Hunters Corner. Where you need to keep your car doors locked if driving through the area around 2-3am... they'll try and jump in with you.
Sam: "Where's Richie tonight?"
Cameron: "I hear he's gone down to K Road. That's the only way that ugly mutha is ever gonna get laid"
by KeeWee January 14, 2005
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K Road is a historic precinct in the Uptown of Auckland CBD. Short for Karangahape Road, K'Road boasts a lot of heritage bildings and arcades. One of the popular arcades is St. Kevins Arcade.
Although undergoing gentrification, this area is generally known as the red light district of Auckland.
Nick: "Hey you wanna go opshop this arvo?"

Rosie: "Yeah we'll hit the K Road shops."
by DeleteMe April 17, 2009
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