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the city of Kansas City (Missouri or Kansas)
Ay cuzz, where u from?

K-Town nigga!!!
by K-Town Slim January 01, 2010
8 18
kearney, nebraska
dude, k-town usually sucks, except for cruise night.
by fmlforealzyo October 25, 2009
3 13
A common slang name for a small town called Knaresborough in the UK.
Used to imply chaviness, in a sarcastic manner.
(In a chavvy accent)
" You of to k-Town to get wasted then pass out?"
by Awoooga August 25, 2009
0 13
Knoxville, TN. Also known as the 865 or Knoxvegas. Located in East Tennessee, k-town is a growing metropolis and commonly considered a party place. Downtown has many clubs and great shopping and restaurants, such as the renown Regas restaurant.

Popular clubs are the Red Iguana, Electric Cowboy, Cotton-Eyed Joe's, and Liquid

-F*ck this shit man, lets go to k-town
-Lets go

-Whats goin down in K-town tonight?
by kc from November 09, 2006
65 80
Koreatown, any of them
Where is that?
- K-town.
by cudahy May 30, 2008
32 48
Short for Kaiserslautern, Germany. Its the common name used by american soldiers stationed in Germany. Germans do not normally refer to it by this name.
After I get off work today, I'm going to head to K-town and get some sushi.
by Chris Mrk May 03, 2008
11 27
korean town

koreans are known for drinking so ktown is like a city that's like a drinking place

well known place in LA, Cali.
Let's goto k'town and drink tonight!
by surveys February 05, 2007
9 26