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A large fish like animal that grazes only on the seaweed inside the oceans. The "Jutty" also known as the "Shrimp of the Sea" will become highly eager to mate with the unknown specimens in the ocean floor. Many scientist believe that the specimens the Jutty likes to mate with is called the blob-fish, and booger like fish. The Jutty is also known to make strange, high pitch noises when turned-on. The Jutty is also known to walk among us on land. They specifically hide in the thick wooded forests to be kept away from the human eye. If spotted by humans, they will tweak and commit suicide. When dead, they leave off a fishy smell, like the smell of sex if not covered up by scented candles.
Person 1: "You act like such a Jutty."
Person 2: "I definitely do not!"

Person 1: "Have you seen the new Jutty?"
Person 2: "No, is he cool?"
Person 1: "Yes, he's fricking awesome!"
by Bob the italian bodybuilder June 19, 2011
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