Some fucking pre-mature fangirl definition that we'll have to vote on for eternity. FUCK YOU BIG TIME RUSH FAN PIECE OF SHIT
Oh yeah, this Justin Bieber def was spammed like hell
by McGeeLikesME June 17, 2013
The male equiv for a c*nt.
Did y'all see what that guy just did? That was low.. What a JustinBieber...
by It just me September 05, 2014
A "singer" with a girly voice and no talent. He's adored by some 12-year olds (especially girls). His fans call themselves "Beliebers", but I usually call them "Biebtards". I'm not gonna say he's gay or something, but he's not talented, his songs are not so good, and most of his fans are retards.
Me: He's not talented at all. Get a life and don't listen to trash music like Bieber does.
by biebergoaway February 22, 2014
The all-time greastest disgrace to the male species. Someone who makes James Blunt's "Beautiful" sound like something that won't make your ears bleed. Justin Bieber-someone who's so called "pubes" are adorably swept to the side. The fact that this "boy" sounds like a cow in labor is the overstatement of the century let alone the era/millenium.
Timothy: How's your day been so far?
John: Ugh, it sucked. Maybe the worst I've ever had...
Timothy: Really? That bad?
John: Yeah, the WORST. A real Justin Bieber day.
Timothy: Ooh, one of those? I had a Justina Bieber day once, I got a divorce, lost $1,000,000, and I had my dick cut off.
by Just Insucks January 23, 2011
A 16-year-old Canadian pop singer. Sings crap plastic-packaged pop which no one in their right minds should listen to. However, he gets a lot of unwarranted hate from people trying to bolster their masculinity by insulting them (his voice hasn't broken, making him rather an easier target).

Target of multiple unpleasant Facebook likes.

Object of 6.02*10^23 screaming girls' adulation.
Facebook like: puberty will hit Justin Bieber like a train.


Typical conversation:
GUY: Justin Bieber is such a talentless faggot.
GIRL: You're just jealous.
Both of these people are equally stupid.
by the voice of common sense January 23, 2011
The reason I want to blow out my brains with a loaded .44
I would rather have a bullet go through my head than ANY of Justin Bieber's songs.
by devilman337 September 06, 2014
The idea for this faggot was thought up by god around the time he had gotten as drunk as your average fat Irish man, and as high as a hick from Kentucky who is celebrating their 4th marriage to one of their large assortment of cousins. Justin Bieber is the reason/cause for all of the world's problems, such as but not limited to: World War(I&II), 9/11, and homosexuality. Overall, Justin is a menace to society and a total douchebag.

SideNote (Justin Bieber was created right after God made transvestites, hermaphrodites, gays, lesbians, and weeaboos.
Justin Bieber is a total douche nozzle.
by Ezreal, The Gay Boy May 01, 2014

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