He can get what you get in 10 years.....in 2 days.
Did you pull a Justin Bieber? Hahahaah, I must be shitting that's impossible.
A girl in disguise, using their diguise to become famous amongst other girls who were mean to "him" in early childhood.
Baby, Baby, Baby, OOOOOOH
-Justin Bieber
by [Enter Clever Pseudonym Here] November 27, 2011
Now, a grown ass man who hasn't realized what " reality " is. Used to be like a little kid who laughed at the word "poo". But let's be realistic. Today he's just a screw up in society. He acts all hard and tough but really we will never forget that he was the one, who sung " Never Say Never " also " One Less Lonely Girl "
Justin Bieber : um. ok.
by godofwar March 20, 2015
Some fucking pre-mature fangirl definition that we'll have to vote on for eternity. FUCK YOU BIG TIME RUSH FAN PIECE OF SHIT
Oh yeah, this Justin Bieber def was spammed like hell
by McGeeLikesME June 17, 2013
A more acceptable term for someone who is a talentless cunt.
Geezer 1: God look at that talentless cunt on MTV.

Geezer 2: Shit, have we got another Justin Bieber on our hands?

Geezer 1 : No, MTV doesn't play music videos anymore you idiot, I'm talking about this guy on The Hills.
by Jesushimself1111 January 17, 2011
a cocky prick who cannot sing and has no talent but is an obvious fuckboy who thinks he can get girls
oh that fag is a real justin bieber
by urbanapi April 12, 2015
A dumb disgrace with an extremely stupid army of mainly prepubescent teeny bopper girls, and in some cases girls up to 17 years old. His music has less worth than a heap of dog shit. People fangirl over this ignorant fuckhat so much that Satan is willing to drag them all right back to the hell they came from.
Justin Bieber's dick is so small that when people say he has a small penis he literally can't see the problem!

QUIT HaTiN! U R ONLY jeluss cuz U Can'T sing liek HIM!

-Justin Bieber fan on Justin Bieber.
by TotallyAUnicorn February 20, 2015

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