A "boy" who is a "popular" pop singer amongst children. No one really knows if he was born with XXY chromosomes, but it is a wide-spread theory amongst people.

His music & singing is very sythesized.

We all are wondering if when/if he'll hit his puberty stages..
Girl 1- "Justin Bieber has a feminine voice."
Girl 2- "Yeahh.. Think he'll hit puberty soon?"
Girl 1- "Hmm.. That's a hard one."
by IntelligentIceCream February 23, 2011
1. The reason why you should never trust that a hooker will take birth control after you blow your load in her.

2. The new poster child for the abortion ad.

3. Justin Bieber is an actual disease.
1. I just blew my load in a hooker and justin bieber was born 9 months later. I shoulda never trusted that wench ass whore.

2. You should never keep a pregnancy or your child might be born with that justin bieber syndrome. It's a terrible disease where you son could turn into a homo and cause disgrace to your family name. That's when u dis-own your child.

3. I hope that the hospital can cure this justin bieber disease with a vacination soon....i dont want my child to turn into a gayboy
by clownboy4utoday February 05, 2011
Music without taste. Mostly auto-tuned and basically not real. Most girls seem to be obsessed with him, even though he is terrible at the only job he has to do-make music. And even when he fakes it (which is all the time) it still sounds awful.
(Horrible music playing in background)
Peter: Oh Jesus! What is this filth?
Daughter: O-M-G how do u not like dis music. This is well sick.
Peter: But it's not Bowie?
Daughter: Who?
Peter: You are no daughter of mine.
Daughter: O-M-G dad! It's Justin Bieber.

(Whilst i'm writing this, the word 'Bieber' has a squiggly red line underneath it. However unfair this world, there is atleast some satisfaction in that).
by Diamond-Manizzle August 03, 2013
Ninny-livered gorbellied newt (and that's insulting newts)
Guy one: I was just listening to Justin Bieber!

Guy two: You mean that ninny-livered gorbellied newt?

Guy one: He's not a ninny-livered gorbellied newt!

Guy two: *pulls out gun* do you want to rephrase that?
by Idiots in Motion May 16, 2013
The "in" thing as of 2011, and shoved down societies throat. He's a pop singer from Canada who's drooled over by 11 year old girls. Pretty much all guys hate him, unless they are homosexual. Stores are FULL of crap with his face plastered over it. From magazines, to large cardboard cutouts, and even pillows. You name the product, and it'll have this dorks face on it.
It's not bad enough that Justin Biebers in every magazine, but his ugly mug is on bed sheets, pillows, table cloths, towels, etc. I know, how about putting his face on some toilet roll, that way I could wipe my ass with that little pissant.
by Metalhead83 September 01, 2011
A drunk driving piece of shit that thinks he's cool because he owns a Ferrari, and dresses like a gangster. His music is about as original as a documentary of clichés directed by Michael Bay.

His songs are pretty much the same recycled shit over and over again (Boyfriend, Baby, As long as you love me etc...).
Stupid 12-year old girl: Liiiikkkke oh my gawd! Justin Bieber is soooo hottttt! He's so talented!

Sane person: You wouldn't know what talent was if it raped your fucking ear you stupid bitch.
by CbrLaneSplitter250 January 25, 2014
A unknown yet specimen of humanity at it's worst, it really is the lowest of the low, a ''Justin Bieber'' or ''Annoying Cunt'' as he/she is mostly known, is one who has the ability to give people ear cancer with the use of his/her's most annoying voice producing a vile schreeching high pitch noise if you will. They have so-called ''fans'', who know mostly nothing about a ''Justin Bieber'' other than his looks and voice, they say he is the greatest idol in the world, but actually he is a arrogant, ignorant, overrated, overpriced, ''still in the closet'', pile of feck who's fans are the utmost worse fan base to ever walk/slither the earth. Managers fight over him to get money, not because they think he's actually a good singer, but because little girls in 17 year old girls bodies think he is good, but he is most certainly not, pretty much every thing about a ''Justin Bieber'' is pretty much indescribably annoying, oh and he also thinks Rape happenes for a reason.
''Oh I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER! HE'S THE BEST IDOL IN THE WORLD!!!'' No, he's a spoilt ungrateful little lying cunt who believes in nothing, but some bullshit that isn't even been properly said.
by Mattamonia June 21, 2013

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