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The "in" thing as of 2011, and shoved down societies throat. He's a pop singer from Canada who's drooled over by 11 year old girls. Pretty much all guys hate him, unless they are homosexual. Stores are FULL of crap with his face plastered over it. From magazines, to large cardboard cutouts, and even pillows. You name the product, and it'll have this dorks face on it.
It's not bad enough that Justin Biebers in every magazine, but his ugly mug is on bed sheets, pillows, table cloths, towels, etc. I know, how about putting his face on some toilet roll, that way I could wipe my ass with that little pissant.
by Metalhead83 September 01, 2011
A perfect example of the problems facing modern society, Justin Bieber should be thrown down an inescapable hole in the ground containing the world's supply of paedophiles. This will eliminate two problems at once. No longer will the earth be plagued by this, what I strongly suspect is the often unheard true first horseman of the apocalypse - Bieber feaver. While sating the urges of otherwise dangerous people, and since Justin Bieber will never hit puberty, he will be a continuing source of satisfaction for them until such a time that eugenics can rid the world of "the Paedo gene". Or we could kill him.
Justin Bieber: (inaudible high pitch screeching)

8 year old girl: YEEEEYYY! Be my first Justin!
Normal person: God, where's the Taliban when you need

by The Cockney Reaper January 15, 2011
A squirrel in a blender.
There are good artists and then there's Justin Bieber.
by CyanogenMod10Rocks November 30, 2013
Probably the biggest douchebag in the world. The little bitch shows up to concerts 2 hours late, leaves 2 hours early, overprices his tickets, and hires prostitutes (because he can't get it anywhere else). He said that he wishes Anne Frank was a belieber, proving how self-centered he is. He went to Disney land and demanded that an entire restaurant be cleared so he can eat there, costing Disney land thousands of dollars. He is BANNED from Disney land.

And with all this, girls still insist on listening to this douchebag.
Me: Uhh... No. I'd rather not. *Listens to anything else that isn't Justin Bieber*
by PawPrint November 26, 2013
An aural-borne disease that affects many young females; usually between the ages 3 and 15. The virus targets the brain, releasing a high level of chemicals, causing large influxes of euphoria, anxiety, and depression. It later spreads to the nervous system, resulting in high-pitched singing or screaming, seizures, idolization feminine male celebrities, and surprise urination.
"Something's.... up with your daughter, isn't there?"

"Yeah, she's got Justin Bieber in her head. She's been pissing her pants for weeks listening to some preteen music garbage and putting up posters of an unattractive woman. It's pretty serious, I'd rather not talk about it."

"Shit, sorry dude."
by H8r-x October 10, 2013
A 12 year old boy that has yet to hit puberty. Girls go crazy for him. They are dropping ovaries faster than his own balls are dropping.
"Seeing Justin Bieber perform causes my ovaries to drop."
" Too bad he hasn't hit puberty yet."
by milkster23 October 08, 2013
The reason I'm ashamed to be a Canadian.
Justin Bieber: As long as you love me...

Canadians all over the world: We don't know him. At all.
by The Adorkable One October 02, 2013