The most adored 16 year old in the world. He is beloved by every girl between the ages of 3 and 24 that has watched a single one of his videos. He is the cutest little thing and has girls everywhere willing to break laws for him.
"I'm so glad the legal age of consent in Canada is 15 because I would so do Justin Bieber!"
by stoopyrolyat2 April 07, 2010
The act of a young child ejaculating and getting caught by his parent.
"Son, I am coming into your room!"
"Dad, noooo" (Child is masturbating)
Child "Justin Biebers" all over his bed while dad walks into room.
by TheWheelMan April 07, 2010
A boy.

A boy who is famous.
A boy whom whether or not you like it is more famous than you will ever be.
And finally,
A boy.
Correction "Dude". Justin Bieber is an icon and a performer. Get over youself, Asswipe.
by GOD(But not really) December 22, 2010
Justin Bieber is unique, talented at many things, good looks.. his hair is just perfect, & he cares about his fans. Many haters.. that are mostly guys say he's a 'fag' when really they're simply just jealous. If you hate him, why pick on him. Yeah he has a high voice. But its changing, & It still sounds good. Some girls tend to like him only for his looks, but for me.. It's his personality & to top it off his good appearance. &No justin is not a "13yr old girl" He's 16. I look up to him no mater what people say about him. He's mine & many others inspiration. &he deserves his fame.
Justin Bieber Is Legit
by Jaaaay Pee July 21, 2010
He is a teenage pop sensation who has made music since 2009-ish. He has countless fans, he is has an amazing voice and he looks good too. His fans are known as beliebers, and they all follow him on twiiter and/or facebook.
Belieber: Hey, you heard the New Justin Bieber song?
Non-Belieber: Yeah, its crap!
Beleieber: No it isnt *punches non-belieber in the face*
by xS_Bieberx July 03, 2010
The hottest 16 year old man to walk the face of this earth. Makes girls cry by the flip of his gorgeous locks. His songs have the deepest meanings and most everyone can relate to them. His swagger is at a level that no one can even compete with. He does NOT let the haters get to him.
No example, he's one in a million. The only Justin Bieber.
by Cabby Bieber August 28, 2010
Disgrace to Canada and Music. Will hopefully be forgotten about in 2011. Has no talent. Greedy corporations use him as a boy toy for girls around the age of 8-13 to get rich.
Justin Bieber sucks
by BlackCadillac May 15, 2010

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