A very adorable 16, born march 1, 1994, year old MALE singer. He does sing like a girl, but every song you can tell his voice is deeper.

He is cocky, to an extent and he doesn't need a famous rap star for people to like him.
He is very adorable|cute, but his singing made him famous.
I have no example.
he's just Justin Bieber :D
by loveyababee April 01, 2010
a 16 year old pop/R&B singer. he's from Stradford, Ontario (Canada), and became discovered off of YouTube, by a male manager named Scooter Braun, who then introduced him into Usher. Justin Bieber is signed to Island Records. he has two albums: MY WORLD, and MY WORLD 2.0. (MY WORLD 2.0. is the highest scoring album on the charts by an independent male singer, since Stevie Wonder in 1963!!!) he has 17 songs total, and all of them except for one (down to earth) is talking about love for a girl. justin claims to have started dating at age 13, but he still hasn't found "the one".... but hey, he's 16, he still has a lot of life ahead of him!!
Date of Birth: March 1st 1994
Lisa: hey, have you heard of this song called "baby"?? i heard its by the Jonas Brothers..

Kristy: no, that's by "Justin Bieber".....

Lisa: who's "Justin Bieber"???

Kristy: haha!!! The next big thing!!!
by Roqstarr July 25, 2010
A talented young artist who was discovered on youtube
has many loving fans.
girl 1: Did you see Justin Bieber

girl 2: YES!! He's amazing!!!
by mowhahaboo March 15, 2010
A 16 year old talented singer currently under the management of usher! He was discovered after posting videos of his singing contests on youtube. He is a prodigy in the making!

Some people really dislike him because he is a star..and they are just hating haha

Yall Haters should get a life because the kid is apparently gettin money and YOU AINT!

Definition of HATERS (see comments below).. smh
Theres gonna be one less lonely girl...

Imma tell you one time.....

Justin bieber is soooo cute:]
by Quit Hatin on JUSTIN! March 30, 2010
Noun - Someone who has no talent and although he is on a much lower level, looks at others as though he is their equal. The ass of every joke and the loser at every school. See ass clown or wangster

Adjective - See transsexual or talentless

Verb - See suck ass
n.- "Godammit! Stop being a friggin' Justin Bieber!"

a.- Simon Cowell thinks everyone on American Idol is so Justin Bieber

v.- "That butt pirate totally Justin Biebered that fanny bandit just now!"
by Sociopathy March 23, 2010
Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres found a way to appeal to younger audiences under the pseudonym Justin Bieber.
by El Criollo Loco March 06, 2010
an amazing singer, really extremely hot!

i wanna marry him and have bieber babies ,
sorry girls he's taken <3
by mazzzzing April 09, 2011

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