A -supposidly- 16-year-old singer who looks like he's 12 and has yet to hit puberty. The only reason he can sing the way he does, he also says "Shawty" too much. (tip:white boys do NOT say shawty, makes you a posur.)
by J.T. Austin May 04, 2010
A womens' sexual disorder in where the vagina begins to morph into a penis or in semi-rare cases... a BLACK HOLE. On some occasions, lesbians have been known to accelerate the process by injecting heroine into the vaginal area. Unfortunately, the acceleration of the process can cause the disorder to accelerate out of control, causing severe erectile disfunction upon the penis forming. If you know a friend with Justin Bieber and have seen a black hole forming, RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE!!!!!!!! The only known way to treat this cure is to kill the subject carying the disorder. The only known male subject to ever have Justin Bieber is Justin Bieber. Fortunately for us, due to the fact that he is a male, the black hole will form, but the suction will only effect Justin. This will cause him to, in theory, be sucked into himself, through the hole left in his now empty groin area (though really, was there anything in there in the first place). There are 3 phases to Justin Bieber.

Phase 1: The subject will begin to notice the vaginal area beginning to tighten.

Phase 2: (24-48 hours in) Either the subject will see a small stub of a penis emerging from the vagina OR will see the vaginal hole begin to expand into a black hole.

Phase 3: (48-96 hours in) Either there will be a penis where the vagina used to be or there will be a fully formed black hole. The black hole will suck anything up, within a 20 mile radius. If you haven't killed the subject by this point, you're fucked...
(Guy): Oh fuck, my girlfriend has Justin Bieber!

by SomeRandomGuy....... August 10, 2010
A person who represents half the votes for no on prop 8
Guy 1 : WOW thats a lot of votes for prop 8

Guy 2 : Half of them are from a Homo Sexual Justin Bieber
by BootlegedRob August 05, 2010
A 17 year old boy, aka a child prodigy, who has worked his ass off for a place in the music world without the help of machine brewing companies like disney or Nick. His tour runs off of his natural, strong voice. He has done nothing to people of the world except bring happiness to millions of admirers. There is no REAL reason for the hatred appointed to Justin Bieber, for he has done nothing wrong. To everyone who hates Justin: don't you realize that you're spending as much time obsessing over him as his fans do? Lastly, he just turned 17, and in three years has already created a name and life for himself. Which is much more than billions of other ADULTS do in a life time. Cut the kid some slack, hes a growing boy who is still learning one step at a time.
Who is this Justin Bieber Kid?

oh, just an award winning, original songwriter, MUSICIAN.
by Swaggg it man March 05, 2011
Justin Bieber is unique, talented at many things, good looks.. his hair is just perfect, & he cares about his fans. Many haters.. that are mostly guys say he's a 'fag' when really they're simply just jealous. If you hate him, why pick on him. Yeah he has a high voice. But its changing, & It still sounds good. Some girls tend to like him only for his looks, but for me.. It's his personality & to top it off his good appearance. &No justin is not a "13yr old girl" He's 16. I look up to him no mater what people say about him. He's mine & many others inspiration. &he deserves his fame.
Justin Bieber Is Legit
by Jaaaay Pee July 21, 2010
He is a teenage pop sensation who has made music since 2009-ish. He has countless fans, he is has an amazing voice and he looks good too. His fans are known as beliebers, and they all follow him on twiiter and/or facebook.
Belieber: Hey, you heard the New Justin Bieber song?
Non-Belieber: Yeah, its crap!
Beleieber: No it isnt *punches non-belieber in the face*
by xS_Bieberx July 03, 2010
A 16-year old boy that people just need to give a break! Sure, he may not be the best singer to ever walk the planet, but he is really good. Seriously, if you are one of the people who spend their time posting on urban dictionary PG-13 things about him- GET A LIFE! It's not like you can just say bad things about him and he'll go away! He's not going anywhere. And don't automatically think I'm some 10-year old girl who has to fight his battles. I'm not a big fan. But it's not because he is bad. It's because that's not my style of music. Give the kid a break people! He has 2 albums out so far- My World and My World 2.0
Guy: Hey, do you like Justin Bieber?
Girl: Yeah, I think he's really good!
Guy: Oh, that's cool.

singer songwriter bieber bieber fever
by Person9089089 June 20, 2010

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