An untalented person with bad hair that needs serious counseling.
"Yo! Sometimes Bon'Qui'Qui can be such a Justin Bieber!"
by jalisa2170 February 04, 2012
Worse then Rebecca Black...and thats saying something...
Show Host (to ozzy osbourne): Do you listen to justin bieber?

Ozzy: Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?
by Not justin bieber August 05, 2011
A creature native in Canada and Georgia. Has a high-pitched screech and feeds on screams of "Mrs. Biebers". Usually attracts 9-13 year old girls. Has a couple of well-known types of screeching, e.g. "One Time", "Somebody to Love", and of course, the all too popular "Baby".
Guy: Man, I hate Justin Bieber!
Girl: I love him!
Guy: I'm breaking up with you.
by EmoPuppeh May 05, 2011
The first sign of the end.

He is the reason music is dying out and has led us one step closer to the pain and suffering of Cthulhu.
Justin Bieber Fan: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH He's sooooooooo sexy and he's so inspirational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actual, Thinking Human: ......shut. the. FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK up. without a please, your ignorant mind doesn't deserve a "please".
by Mr.Sir the Second February 04, 2011
A female breed of Canadian parasite that feeds off of the cells of humans, typically teenage girls and the occasional homeless man. Being the only member of its species, it cannot reproduce due to participating in homosexuality. It also is doomed to permanently remain in its primary stage of development, never evolving to its adult form.
"A Justin Bieber has been spotted. Turn off all radio stations and remove all J.B. posters from your stereotypical teenage daughter's walls - it is armed with crappy music."
by jugglablepotato23 December 03, 2013
An aural-borne disease that affects many young females; usually between the ages 3 and 15. The virus targets the brain, releasing a high level of chemicals, causing large influxes of euphoria, anxiety, and depression. It later spreads to the nervous system, resulting in high-pitched singing or screaming, seizures, idolization feminine male celebrities, and surprise urination.
"Something's.... up with your daughter, isn't there?"

"Yeah, she's got Justin Bieber in her head. She's been pissing her pants for weeks listening to some preteen music garbage and putting up posters of an unattractive woman. It's pretty serious, I'd rather not talk about it."

"Shit, sorry dude."
by H8r-x October 10, 2013
A 12 year old boy that has yet to hit puberty. Girls go crazy for him. They are dropping ovaries faster than his own balls are dropping.
"Seeing Justin Bieber perform causes my ovaries to drop."
" Too bad he hasn't hit puberty yet."
by milkster23 October 08, 2013

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